Immortal Architects

Immortal Architects is the second novel in the Interminables series.  An ancient evil is being resurrected and it is up to two immortal friends to intervene.

Immortal Architects picks up where the first novel left off.  Orwin expands on the world she has created for this series: Earth after a magical war is a patchwork of odd entities and strange phenomena.

Exploring this word feels like having one of those dreams where everything is frighteningly nonsensical, yet at the same time still seems to work.  Orwin does a great job of capturing the strange dream vibe.

The Uploaded

The Uploaded is the most original story I’ve read in years.  In a distant future, you are able to upload your consciousness into a computer system after you die in the real world.  This comes with some unexpected and terrifying consequences for those who remain living.  And NO, I’m not hinting that they can read your emails or mess with your bank accounts – much more thought-provoking (and scarier) than that.

In the acknowledgements, Steinmetz says he worked on this book for a long time (since 2011).  If six years it what it takes to create a book this original, then I hope more authors are willing to make this kind of commitment.

Excellent story!  Highly recommended.


Skyfarer is the first novel in the Drifting Lands series.  The story follows a sorceress and and a troubled knight on opposite sides of a war.

Brassey creates a very original world.  Floating landmasses – not planets – drift in a layer of atmosphere.  Skyfarers fly by ship, either directly or through magical portals, to get from one floating landmass to another.  It’s a great mix of sci-fi and fantasy.

Great story with a lot of focus on the characters.  The next book in the series, Dragon Road, is scheduled for release on May 01, 2018.

Dr Potter’s Medicine Show

Dr Potter’s Medicine Show is the first in a series written by Eric Scott Fischl.  The story follows Dr. Potter, a man who has been unwillingly pulled into a search for an elixir that promises immortality.

Fischel does a fantastic job with suspense.  He drops just enough hints to keep the reader hooked before revealing secrets along the way.  The story is delightfully unpredictable and has a unique mix of humor and horror.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next in the series: The Trials of Solomon Parker.  It will be available on October 03, 2017.

Hunger Makes the Wolf

Hunger Makes the Wolf is he debut novel of author Alex Wells.  The story follows the adventures of Hob Ravani, a fearless mercenary with highly stigmatized magical abilities.

Wells has an excellent sense of pacing which makes it hard to put this book down.  The characters are well-crafted: full of surprises and tough as nails, but not too over-the-top.  You would never know that this is a debut novel.  The author has clearly mastered their craft before publishing.

I am looking forward to picking up the next book in this series: Blood Binds the Pack.  It will be released on Feb 01, 2018.


Ruins on Stone Hill

Ruins on Stone Hill is the first book in the Heroes of Ravenford series by F.P. Spirit.  The story follows a band of adventurers as they take on threats around the town of Ravenford.  There are plenty of monsters – orcs, zombies, golems, etc. – to keep the band of friends busy as they try to figure out the connection between the attacks and some mysterious mages.

Ruins on Stone Hill is a really fun read.  The book is full of adventure and its main characters are all loyal friends with good hearts.  The tone of the book is light – thanks to the good-natured characters and constant humour – and makes for a nice change from the bleak anti-heroes which dominate so much of today’s fantasy.

I have already picked up the next two books in the series – Serpent Cult and Dark Monlith – and look forward to more adventures!

Age of Assassins

Age of Assassins is the first book in the Wounded Kingdom series.  The novel’s tagline – “To catch an assassin, use an assassin” – does a great job of capturing the plot.  Barker doesn’t meander in his storytelling, and this really keeps the central plot at the forefront.

The story is clear and the characters are easy to love.  There’s tons of action, a good dose of endearing moments and some enjoyable witty humor that keeps the story’s tone from becoming too dark.  This is a very well-written book.

I am already eager for the next book in the series.  And apparently I don’t have long to wait – Blood of Assassins will be released in February 2018.