The Broken Kingdoms

The Broken Kingdoms is the second book in The Inheritance Trilogy.  This tale focuses mainly on a different set of characters, but builds on the world of the first book.  Jemisin’s flair for detail shines through again, and the reader is treated to a new part of this universe.

Gods, godlings, demons and mortals all play significant roles in Jemisin’s storytelling.  She does a great job of humanizing each of them while still showcasing their incredible differences.  The end result is an odd and magical world that feels real.

The tone of the story is a mix of hope and sadness.  Hope for a happier future competes with the sadness of mistakes from the past.  The reader gets to relish even the smallest gestures of reconciliation between characters.

Jeminsin can have you feeling sympathy for the most unforgivable characters.  She blurs the lines between good and evil, creating a world so real you won’t want to leave.

– Cowering King

The Broken Kingdoms sprinkles moments of heartwarming hope over a tragic tale of gods and mortals.

– Cowering King

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