Time Salvager

Time Salvager has a well thought out take on time travel.  Time travel stories are always risky for authors to take on; it’s so easy to create a story full of unanswerable paradoxes, which can deflate a plot pretty quickly.  Chu does a admirable job of keeping the premise simple and, thus, the story believable.

In contrast to his past books, Chu blurs the line more between villains and heroes in Time Salvager.  Everyone is making decisions with devastating results; who is good or bad really just comes down to their motivations.  I won’t give anything away, but this leads to one of the best endings I’ve seen in the past year.

Time Salvager has a sombre tone – a noticeable change from the humorous Lives of Tao series – that supports the virtually hopeless situation humanity faces.  The tone suits the story.  Once again, Chu demonstrates his versatility as an author.

Chu is a master at distilling great stories out of complicated concepts.  He is exactly what I hope for in a sci-fi author.

– Cowering King

Time Salvager is a time travel tale that is easy to grasp and enjoyable to read.

– Cowering King

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