The Dragon Engine

The Dragon Engine is the first book of the Blood Dragon Empire series.  The story follows a band of warriors on a quest which quickly turns from pleasing adventure to desperate survival.  Remic does an amazing job creating a grimdark world where hope is a rare commodity.

Remic’s writing is fresh and oozes with grimdark ambiance: “A cool draught drifted down the White Lane, bringing promises of ice and death from the north.”  And that’s one of his cheerier lines…  The dark world is contrasted nicely with a cast of heroes who can chuckle in the bleakest of situations.

If the rest of the Blood Dragon Empire is as enjoyable as The Dragon Engine, Remic fans are in for everything they hope for from this series.

The Dragon Engine is everything grimdark fantasy should be.

– Cowering King

Remic has the confusing ability to make you both laugh and cringe at severed heads and astonishing cruelty.  Now that’s a storyteller!

– Cowering King

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